Sufficiency of Scripture

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Vickey Singleton

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for BIB311: Theological Basis of Biblical Counseling

The Master's College Santa Clarita, California

October 4, 2012


Is Scripture sufficient? Unless more information is provided, this question is rather vague. To adequately answer one must first know the full implications of what is being asked. The term "sufficient" is defined by Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary as:

1: enough to meet the needs of a situation or a proposed end...sufficient suggests a fairly exact meeting of a need; enough is less exact or less formal than sufficient; adequate may imply barely meeting a requirement or a moderate standard.

The next term that needs to be defined is "Scripture." For purposes of this paper and question, Scripture refers to the Bible which contains the Old and New Testaments. When contemporary scholars and others are discussing the sufficiency of Scripture, it is generally agreed that the Bible is to what they are referring.

So, based on the above information, the question could be rephrased this way: "Is the Bible sufficient to meet the needs of a situation or a proposed end?" The main area where this paper will evaluate Scripture's sufficiency is it sufficient to meet the needs of a counselee who is seeking counseling regarding a problem or issue in his or her life.

Let's look at this question in light of what could be a very believable scenario about a woman who seeks counsel about dealing with her anxiety. The case study presented below will draw on information found in a book written by a Christian counselor.

The Details of the Case Study

Amelia is a 50 year old woman whose husband passed away about a year ago. She and her husband were actively involved in church...