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FORUM: The Human Commission

QUESTION OF: Eradicating Poverty


Recognizing that poverty is a grave condition prevalent in society,

Realizing that many people in the world die due to poverty and malnutrition,

Deeply regretting that developed countries can willingly throw away food, while in developing countries many people die, as they do not have that food which the people in the developed countries easily throw away,

Expressing its appreciation to the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands which have given more than 0.7 percent of their GNP to developing nations,

Taking into account the following reasons for the prevalence of widespread poverty in countries:

a) lack of socialist governments in developing countries,

b) governments exporting most of their countries' food supplies, rather than feeding the undernourished, because of the economic pressures between supply and demand, and the people of their country being unable to buy the food,

c) lack of aid from developed countries,

d) abuse of land and resources,

e) religious and racial discrimination amongst groups to providing jobs,

f) lack of education or shortage of skilled labor,

g) corrupt and inefficient governments,

h) lack of a stable government and war in the countries,

i) Lack of family planning and over-population;

Declaring that our goal is the eradication of poverty, the following solutions are recommended:

1. Providing free education to poverty-stricken people, and giving incentives such as free breakfast and lunches at school;

2. Urging developed countries to give aid to developing countries;

3. Encouraging family planning, and giving incentives to families which make use of this practice;

4. Giving greater aid to those countries, which clean their governments off corruption, and install socialist governmental schemes in their countries;

5. Helping countries form stable democratic governments, through foreign elections inspectors;

6. Relieving...