Responsibility of Nurses including trends and requirements

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Nurses are an important part of the health care system. Hospitals all over the world depend on nurses. Working in the health care system requires many skills and requirements that nurses need in their career. Such skills are responsibility, time management, organization, communication, commitment and determination. Requirements include a caring nature, patience, quick decision making, math's skills and compassion. Current trends in today's society allow Nurses to care for patients in a community setting. This essay will discuss the skill required to succeed in Nursing and also the trends and requirements needed to work in the Health Care system.

Firstly, responsibility plays an important role in the field of Nursing. It is a tremendous amount of responsibility to care for an ill patient. Close observations of the patient are crucial and ensuring that there are no mistakes or problems occurring, which could be caused from lack of responsibility.

Time management is important also.

You will have a number of patients to look after on your shift. You need to make sure you prioritize your work load so you use your time efficiently. Obviously depending on your shifts, whether they were days or nights you would alter your time management accordingly. Day shift would encounter more staff, doctors and even the public coming in to visit your patient. Night shift would see fewer doctors and public visitors.

Communication is a very important skill that is required from a nurse. There are so many people who you need to communicate with, such as the patient, the patient's doctor, the patient's family and friends, other staff in the hospital and many more. Nurses must be able to have a strong ability to communicate soundly and confidently.

Commitment and determination is a key factor involving all the skills I've mentioned so far. As a...