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Chicago's has always had an Italian connection. In the early 1900s the influence of Italian mafia on Chicago was strong and especially that of Al Capone. As the years passed by the mafia's influence became less but they surely left behind their Italian cuisine for the people of Chicago to enjoy. One such classy place is Luigi's, an Italian restaurant. After enjoying Luigi's food, ambience and service it could definitely be distinguished as a classy restaurant, which is not too expensive.

Luigi's is located at 778 N. Route 59, Aurora Illinois 60504. The restaurant requires proper dressing and doesn't allow sleeveless or tank tops. Basically, the restaurant has three different sitting areas with three different themes. One of them is the bar and lounge area. It has a live band from Tuesdays to Thursdays and a live singer on Friday and Saturday. The instruments used by the musicians are a piano and a guitar.

It is an area with high bar stool tables and only smoking. It has wooden flooring and walls. The best part is that the loud music being played at the bar cannot be heard at any of the other two dinning areas. The second area is right in the center of the restaurant. It is a non-smoking area with a cozy and romantic feel to it. It is a small circular room with entrances from four sides and arched window shelves in between with wine racks in them. The ceiling is like a dome and has tilted earthen pots fixed to it with some of them having lights in them. The room is dimly lighted with candles on each table, but the light is just enough to make you feel comfortable. The walls have a texture as if made from mud. The third dinning area is...