Return of a Native Summary

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Jorge Garcia 08/18/14

AICE Literature Summer Reading Sense & Sensibility

Chapters 1-2

In the initial two sections of the novel the reader is quickly head on with the characters. Henry's uncle has gone out at Norland Park and this house will later turn into a debate among the gang. He guarantees to make forethought of his stride mother and step-sisters however his wife Fanny controls him from making his guarantees genuine. He needs to give every sister a thousand pounds however his wife makes him accept that this is not important on the grounds that his father never even watched over him, he just thought about the other family he had made through the years, and this was the reason that John required to choose he wasn't going to give his family any cash. This might be seen kind of as the pioneer and the colonized where John colonizes the home of his family and confines their lives to his conditions.

Chapters 3-4

As the novel progresses it is easy to capture that Mr.Dashwood knows more about Fanny but does not seem to trust her just one bit. Fanny's little girl Elinor appeared to have affections for a man named Edward who obviously felt the same path about her however frequently she felt that he wasn't as near her as she may have needed. When she takes a seat to converse with her mother and sister about the circumstances she feels that she likely likes him more than she ought to and chooses to quit discussing it. Elinor knows she may be falling head over heels in love yet declines to acknowledge it. Her mother acknowledges it and tries to get them together.

I felt as if reading this foreshadowed what was to come. Not only that but It...