The revelation of Public and Private Worlds in the novel, "Lord of the Flies" and the film "Fortress."

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The revelation of Public and Private Worlds in novels and films are completed through a number of techniques particularly focusing in the change of characters. An example of such change is shown in the book, Lord of the flies and the film, Fortress. Generally the difference between public and private worlds is that we are more obliged to act according to the rules that govern society. However, in the private world, rules do not govern us, but rather our hearts, our selfishness and our desires ultimately rule our actions and thoughts.

"Lord of the Flies" is about a group of young school boys stranded on a deserted tropical island after a nuclear war. As the story progresses their attempts at maintaining civilization prove ineffective, causing the boys to revert to savage and barbaric behaviour. The book is an allegory on the quality of human nature. Golding illustrates this by making comparisons to our own world indirectly through symbols, which consequently reveal the presence of the public and private world that exist within our society.

The public worlds in the novel, "Lord of the flies" are conveyed in various ways. Piggy represents the public world where he is struggling for order. The conch is the symbol of power, however when it is destroyed at the moment of Piggy's death, it signifies the loss of the traditional systems of authority. "I got the conch!" He shouted. "I tell you, I got the conch!" Surprisingly, there was silence now; the tribe was curious to hear what amusing thing he might have to say. (Page 204). In addition, the use of repetition is evident throughout the book. The conch is continually mentioned and is used by the boys when they need themselves heard, until it is destroyed.

However, as time progresses, the...