Reverse Racism and Responsibility in AmeriKKKa

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There is a real problem brewing in the America right now…Not racism, not oppression, not terrorism. The problem is RESPONSIBILITY. No one wants to take responsibility for what actions transpire by their own will. Now, it is no secret that God gave human beings free will, so we all are responsible for our actions…Even if we are influenced by others. With that said, racism in AmeriKKKa exists from the black people to white Americans, but AmeriKKKa's racism is associated solely to white people towards others. Allow me to go into depth with this theory: African Americans, no doubt, had a rough transition from the slave ships to the forefront of modern culture. The feats that were accomplished are phenomenal, but what have we done lately? Bitch and moan about how the white man has kept us down. We are so quick to yell racism that we often are wrong…thus: Racism in AmeriKKKa.

For example: If a job is not received by a black person, and a white person gets the job, what is said? "This job is racist! They do not like black people here. They only gave him the job because he is white." That may be the case in some situations but I do not feel that it can be an adequate depiction in every situation. In some cases I am sure that the other candidate for the position is probably more qualified. The rebuttal to that is: "But that is only because I could not get into a good school because I could not afford it and the school does not like a lot of blacks at their university. Besides, I went to a poor high school and we didn't have good materials like the white high schools." That might be the case in some situations but it might be that the high school you had students in it that had other objectives that learning in school. People tend to forget that the public school system is a business. If I am losing more and more money in an investment…I am not going to keep investing in it! You have to put your money behind that which brings forth the objectives set out by the business. BASICALLY, if you are destroying the school and materials, I am not going to invest more money into it. What is racist about that? Nothing! The idiots and the scholars in the schools need to realize that they set the tempo for the school, and become more RESPONSIBLE for their own actions, as well as those involved in their learning community.

There is the reverse of Racism in AmeriKKKa called AmeriKKKa's racism. Although it is no surprise that I am a fan of people taking a responsibility for their actions, but there are situations where AmeriKKKa's racism strike with a mighty blow…For example: Presidency of the United States of America. As long as we are a minority in comparison to the white community in the U.S., we will always have a struggle to get a black person in the white house as the President. I will not limit my race or belief in God to say that there will never be a black president, but I will say that society, as it is now, would not be as accepting. The African-American community would not like it as much as they think that they would because he/she would have to rule with a just hand. In other words, he/she could not just cater to their race because that would put a detrimental part in the non-reelecting of a black president.