Reverse-racism and society: an argumentative essay attempting to illustrate that the issue of racism imposed by minorities to majorities is present in society.

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Racism is a modern concept, introduced in the early 1900's. By definition, the word means 1) The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others, 2) Discrimination or prejudice based on race. It is essential to understand that years ago, this was a real issue. Governments were suppressing certain races, using them as slaves, not giving them equal rights. These causes all contributed to the civil rights act, which ended in the equalization of all men. With the coming of that age, some still harboured unfavourable thoughts of the other race, which could only be a recipe for disaster. Reverse racism (also called reverse discrimination) was born.

Racism is a topic, which when addressed with the public seems to be one sided. It is not acceptable and more steps should be taken to help those who have been its victim in the past.

Blacks want to be treated as equals to whites, only between the two races stands a chasm. Here stands a vicious circle. White people once sought privileges for themselves which they denied to others (Fish, 1993). They put there needs before the minorities'. Now that there are laws which stipulate that such events can not take place any more, the minorities seem to be taking advantage of this and doing exactly as the majorities had done to them. They are seeking privileges for themselves which they, directly or indirectly, deny to others. When thought of, it becomes more obvious to see these signs.

The school systems give a clear picture on the topic. "The University of Georgia had been accepting more black students, even if that meant rejecting more qualified white students." (Realities of Reverse Racism, 2002) This goes to show how far some...