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IntroductionIn a dissertation, the problem statement clearly defines the problem that will be addressed. Three types of problem statements exist: conceptual, action and value (Merriam, 1997). Students are strongly urged by university guidelines to consult Cone & Foster's book, Dissertations and Theses From Start to Finish (2005). Problem statements within a dissertation must be qualitative or quantitative.

According to the University, six questions must be answered in the problem statement:-What is the problem?-Who is affected by the problem?-What is the relationship between the problem and the person(s) affected?-Where does the problem occur (if there is a specific geographic area)?-When did the problem begin (if appropriate)?-How did the Problem occur (if appropriate)?How does the literature review for this study ground, inform, and support the problem statement?Effective Problem Statement•The review of the literature revealed a gap in the literature with reference to life experiences and lead competencies. Peer-reviewed research databases supported the need to investigate underlying presuppositions that might influence leadership theory.

Elusive Problem Statement•The review of the literature revealed that a problem statement is hidden within the text of this dissertation and is difficult to locate. A stand- alone problem statement does not exist in this dissertation.

How does the problem statement align with the approach communicated in the purpose section?Effective Problem Statement•The approach communicated in the purpose section was in direct alignment with the problem statement. The writer conducted 19 in-depth interviews within the geographic area which utilized a blended research design.

Elusive Problem Statement•Due to the elusive nature of the problem question, it is not evident that the purpose statement shows connectivity.

Does the wording of the purpose statement and research question suggest the methodology used in the study? How?Effective Problem Statement•Yes, the purpose statement and the research question suggest the need for a non-experimental phenomenological study. The purpose...