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Gods and Generals was first a best selling novel by Jeff Shaara. Gods and Generals is part of a trilogy which includes the already released Gettysburg and The Last Full Measure, which is not available yet.

Jeff Daniels plays Colonel Joshua Chamberlain. Chamberlain was a Union colonel who was a former professor in Maine's Bowdoin College. He loved poetry and languages. Chamberlain was appointed to lead the 20th Maine Regiment. Chamberlain became a hero at Gettysburg and received the Medal of Honor in 1893.

Stephen Lang plays General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. Jackson was a Southern general who taught at West Point. He was a deeply religious, optimistic, and wise. In fact, he got his "Stonewall Jackson" nickname because during the first battle of Bull Run, he stood like a stonewall as bullets soared past him. His faith in God was so tremendous that he believed he would die when it was his time.

General Lee called him his "right hand." Stonewall Jackson gets shot accidentally by one of his own men during the Battle of Chancellorsville, and dies from pneumonia a few days later.

Robert Duvall plays General Robert E. Lee. Lee was the Confederate General who was in charge of the whole Confederate Army. President Lincoln gave Lee the opportunity to lead the Union army, but he turned Lincoln down. Lee was completely devoted to Virginia, even though he didn't believe in slavery or succession.

Gods and Generals takes place from April 1861, to May 1863. During the beginning of the film, Lee, Jackson, and Chamberlain were preparing for war. Jackson was teaching at West Point and Chamberlain was teaching in Maine. Both of their wives were nervous for them to go off to war. Families were shown splitting up, one member siding with the Union, the other...