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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tells the adventures of an eccentric professor who invents wacky machinery, to little gain, until he comes up with a revolutionary car. A hostile power becomes mean and nasty in its attempts to acquire the car. The film of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang may be more than 30 years old, but every parent and every ex-tot will probably recall its relentlessly upbeat ingredients of the music and characters used in it. These included the flying, floating motor of the title, Sally Ann Howes as a dishy gal called Truly Scrumptious, and Dick van Dyke as a glamorously nutty inventor with a British father, two preposterously winsome British twins and an undisguised, if unexplained, American accent.

It's hard not to wince when Michael Ball, chubby and cheerful as inventor Caractacus Potts, puts his twins to bed with "a gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain softly blows over Lullaby Bay" or when those kids fete Emma Williams's demure Truly with "when you're near us it's so delicious, you're the answer to our wishes", or when everybody is yearning for "someone to care for, someone to be near to, someone to do for, muddle through for".

It's a very exciting an adventure, and it's a combination of a lot of tunes, the title track which is "our fine four-fendered friend" is extremely catchy, the other tones and songs in the musical are quite gloomy. Some of them are very long and drags in a few of the romantic scenes.

Apart from the title song, the slickest song in the musical is the memorable TootSweets, it even has an elegantly choreographed routine and costumes which are candy colored costumes.

Nevertheless, the other songs are sung with the piano, it even includes a classic featurette, "The Ditching Tinkerer," on Rowland Emett, who created the complicated creation for the film.

The instruments used for the music was the piano and vocal with guitar chord symbols. This bright and bouncy tune from the film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang offers all instruments an opportunity to play the melody. Violins I and II and Viola begin this familiar tune in unison with the Celli an octave lower. With the pick up to 29 - 36, the Basses and Celli are featured with the melody. This arrangement also has ample eighth and quarter note bowing variations (

Two musical numbers which are quite different from the rest when it comes to the utilization of musical instruments one of them is "Toot Sweets" because there are a huge number of flutes used in the song; and the theme of "Me Ol' Bamboo" is given a special touch by the xylophone. The song also includes Potts doing a Morris dance amid a troupe.

ConclusionAll in all the entire musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang gives a new meaning to musicals as there are a multitude of instruments being used . Each song is unique in its own way, and carries wizard of oz kind of touch. Thus it can be said that the music and instruments used in this musical is what made it a hit.

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