Was the revolution revolutionary?

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Emma Tums

The Revolutionary Period took place in the 1750s until the 1800s in early America. The time period was supposed to make New America stronger and make those United States have a more centralized government. Many Americans, nowadays, believe it was not, in fact, as revolutionary as it was said to be. With taxes, massacres, "tea parties", war, and terrorist attacks, this period in history was not a good time to be in or beneficial for America. The Revolution cause the rich to stay wealthy and the powerful to stay powerful, slavery was still in existence, and colonists didn't have as many rights as the colonists used to. The revolution was supposed to abandon these hardships, but the revolution stayed the same or unfortunately got worse.

One way the Revolutionary Period was not revolutionary is that the wealthy colonists and powerful leaders stayed wealthy and powerful. A poor colonist could not easily become a part of government or the everyday life of a rich person.

The lower-class colonists were forced to pay taxes. Taxes and the Townshed Acts made patriots, colonists who went against taxation, perform terrorist attacks against the loyalists, including tar and feathering the loyalists. This group was also known as the "Sons Of Liberty". The wealthy colonists did not have an issue with taxes but pauper colonists did, which caused a memorable massacre that has been talked about for 100s of years, The Boston Massacre. This massacre was soldiers verses the patriots. This situation caused a dramatic change in history. The governments and leaders of the colonies had no sympathy for the colonists who were getting taxed, which caused a bad "revolution" for the colonists who felt they had no rights.

Another reason why the revolution was not revolutionary is that the colonists didn't have as...