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Richard Preston's style in the novelThe Hot Zone Richard Preston is a 41 years old writer that has a style of his own. He is a unique writer in the fact that his writings differ from the other novelist's writings. What makes Preston different from the others is that his writing is not based on impressing the reader with a lot of different and difficult words; its way more than that.

In his writing, Richard Preston is mostly purposeful, he jots down graphic descriptions in his passages that will keep you turning page after page and understand the moment of thrill. He shows simple writing by using simple words into orderly and direct meaningful sentences. Reading his writing is really easy to follow, for his writing appears so realistic as he blends between science and horror to keep the reader hooked and addicted. Preston sounds sincere in his communication with the reader as he makes his writing exciting when there is a calm sound of death that is followed by dark suspense.

His mood attracts the reader as he moves on with the tale.

To keep his readers attentive he chose many sensory details with vivid descriptions such as" vomito negro"or "the black vomit". He also used many graphic descriptions, images and similes such as "eyes like red jewels", "the vein broke apart like cooked macaroni and spilled blood" and " the crystals were as sharp as hypodermic". He also used some metaphors such as "his face turned yellowish and began to resemble Limburger cheese." The writing is narrative and is filled with descriptive sentences that make the reader imagine the moment as he or she keeps on reading.

As a writer, he chooses to use simple words that make his description readable and understandable. He uses many details that make reading more enjoyable by all ages and more credible because the story is realistic and the setting is realistic.