The Right to Breathe

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Every person is born with a right to live his or her life. When someone violates that right, in the end, violates his or her own life. Society needs to have capital punishment. In order to maintain a safe environment for people to live in, we must have a way to eliminate or punish those who pose a threat to society.

I do not believe that moral respect requires people who have treated others as "disposable human waste" to be treated with dignity. I do agree and believe that we should treat everyone with moral respect. It is something that should be shown to all individuals. Dr R. Noggle explains moral respect as, "One way to understand what moral respect might mean is to think in terms of rights: we display moral respect for others when we take their rights seriously, and we display moral disrespect for others when we violate their rights."

However, when someone violates another's morals rights, such in the case of murder, I believe this is when moral respect is lost.

Robert Willie was electrocuted for raping and murdering a young woman, Faith Hathaway. According to an interview with another victim of his, this wasn't his only crime. During the same month Ms. Hathaway was murdered, Willie also orchestrated the kidnapping of Debbie Morris and in the end raped her and Willie and his friends tortured and murdered her boyfriend (Interview with Ms. Morris).

Prejean spoke about the torture and violence of the state killing a murder. She also mentioned about the horror and terror that murderers on death row feel, knowing that they are about to die. What I imagine they feel is nothing compared to what I imagine their victims felt. It is in my opinion that the pain a murderer feels when he...