The right to disagree is projected in modern democracies and yet people still suffer because they have different values from the majority. Give your views.

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In today's world, many people tend to "go with the flow" rather than support their own beliefs after careful consideration. This is because we are scared of breaking the socially acceptable mould.

If one does not agree with the values a society holds, then he/she is labeled an outcast, a rebellion trying to bring down the 'harmony' that has been found in the current system with the current ideals. Therefore, rightly or wrongly, the minority always suffer. To make up for the decisions taken against the minority, so that it will still have a say in government organized decisions, the minority (or the opposition) appoints a chairman to speak for it.

According to the Athenians, the source of constitutional power rested in the hands of all the citizens. Ideas were expressed directly through the Assembly, which consisted of all male citizens over 18 years of age and native to Athens/

But there is criticism of the Athenian system; they insist that Athenian weakness stems from the fact that it was not democratic enough.

For Athens did not allow foreigners, slaves and women to vote.

Some tend to disagree with as stated above, how well Athenian democracy worked and are inclined to argue that Athens was not really a democracy at all. Valid arguments have been made based on the fact that there were plenty of political trials. Many opposition politicians were forced to leave Athens or killed based on very doubtful evidences prepared in politically-dependent courts. Meeting of all citizens (Ecclesia) was no more than a crowd; the number of people was to great for conducting typical responsibilities of parliament, legislation, and controlling the government or state administration. In real democratic country there is no need for institution like "ostracism". Democratic system is too strong to have such "special...