The Rise of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution is known worldwide as the revolution that gained America's independence and officially began the United States. The settler's enjoyed the best of times from obtaining religious freedom, to becoming prosperous merchants, and finally to establishing a more democratic government. However, it was also the worst of times in the sense that the settlers in the America's were taken advantage of by their mother country, England. The tolerance of being under another country's control was wearing thin, until their patience turned to hatred towards England. The colonist knew that a change was in order, which eventually led to the American Revolution.

In the 1600's, England began to colonize America. King James I had urged those against the Church of England, such as the Puritans, to settle in America. Many settlers came to America to gain religious freedom. Merchants would go to profit off the land since land was free or cheap at the time.

(Bailyn 117) There were many opportunities for settling in America gave the people hope and a dream for a better life.

The Atlantic Ocean made communications hard between England and the colonies. These difficulties assisted the colonists in developing an independent spirit. Harvard College allowed most Americans to read protests against British injustice printed in papers, pamphlets, and books. (Goldfield 272) The college provided education and writings of great philosophers such at John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes. These philosophers believed that men were created equal, also developing the concept of natural rights; the right to life, liberty, and property. These beliefs quickly dwelled into the colonist's minds.

England expected the American Colonies to serve its economic interests, and it regulated colonial trade. The colonists were restricted to manufacturing goods that would compete with British products as well not being allowed...