The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

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The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

Hitler's Early Life

Adolf Hitler was the fourth child of Alios Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler. He was born on the April 20th of 1889 in an Austrian town named Braunau. His father, Alois was a customs official and wanted Hitler to be a civil servant. Alois was a strict father and would regularly beat Adolf up if he didn't do as he was told. But this was not unusual during this time period. His mother, Klara was the third wife of Alois and twenty-three years younger. She loved her children a lot and this affected Hitler a lot throughout his life.

When Adolf was five years old, a younger brother was born, named Edmond. Two years later a sister was born named Paula. Only Paula survived to be an adult.

Hitler's family has moved two times since then. The first time to Passau, Germany in 1892 and then to Hafeld, near Linz in 1895.

They moved once again and lived across a Benedictine monastery.

Hitler was a really religious child, his childhood dream was to become a Priest when he grew up. When living across the monastery he always took notice to the coat of arms, a swastika sign was embalmed into it.

Hitler performed extremely well in primary school and his parents thought he would have a bright future ahead of him. School got tougher during secondary school and he stopped trying. During this period he found he had an interest in being an artist and it was thought that he had quite some talent at drawing and painting.

Adolf Hitler and his father's relationship began to worsen when he told his father he was pursuing to be an artist. Alois died in 1903 from pleural hemorrhage.

When Adolf was about...