The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the reasoning for his failure.

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The French Revolution was based on ideals of equality and lawful fright to all men. This revolt soon turned a tragedy,where right and wrong died along with a murdered king. The age of Enlightenment was not a perfect ideology because it did not concern the lives of the lower class, the peasants. The French Revolution was nothing more than a vatical to assert the power and self-interest of men like Robespierre and Danton.

Napoleon Bonaparte arose from this turbulent time as a revolutionary. Many have gone on to describe the French Emperor as an aberration. Nevertheless, Napoleon Bonaparte was produced by the French class system. The makings of a improvised upbringing and a time of indulgence of self-profit. Hence, it was only inevitable that a Napoleon Bonaparte would be unleashed on the world. The embodiment of blind ambition and survival skill that would one day be utilized to rule his own empire.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio,Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean. His parents, Carlo and Letzia Bonaparte were nobility of improvised means(Mclynn 7). The young Bonaparte was sent to France at nine years old to go to school on a scholarship at the Brienne Military School(Schom 1). Bonaparte took great interest in history and mathematics. The education at Brienne lasted for six years. Bonaparte led a bleak existence. French was not the young boy's native language and was spoken with a thick Corsican accent. This native of Corsica was also taunted and treated badly by his wealthier schoolmates. He went on to attend Ecole Military School in Paris ( Asprey 23).

In a year's time, he would become a Lieutenant of Artillery at the age of seventeen. The post at Valence was assigned to Bonaparte after his schooling.

Bonaparte always dreamed of freeing Corsica, which had been annexed...