"Road to mecca" by Athol Fugard

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In "Road to Mecca" by Athol Fugard there are two main charactors whose relationship is a strange one but both have a common goal of liberation and both want to break away from society's norms. They both feel they don't fit into society and seem to have each for comfort despite their long distances away.

Miss Helen outcasts herself from Afrikaner society as she stops going the customary Sunday church service. She makes her own so called idols or sculptures to make her life feel like it is worth anything. She calls it her Mecca but society calls it idolism and defies the traditional culture and the town turns their back on her and even goes to the extend to damage her art pieces.

We then have Elsie who feels she doesn't fit in with society in Cape Town. She is very much against the segregation that is taking part at that time.

She is, already by the time of the book, being asked to appear to explain her "irrational" acts. She also had a affair with a married man and she also aborted a baby which at that time was also very unheard of.

They find each other in there liberation struggle out of traditional society. Elsie has helped Miss Helen through the last few years and has helped her find meaning to life. They often exchanged letters and as soon as Elsie stopped sending letters, Miss Helen soon started getting very depressed and suicidal. This proves that the relationship for Helen was very strong. It was the last thing she was hanging on to, after that there was nothing left.

I feel the relationship on Elsies side was just a strong as when she read the last letter ,which included hints that Helen wanted to...