The Road Not Taken Literary Analysis

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To take or not take the road, this is what you should think about as you read the poem by Robert Frost entitled ?The Road Not Taken.? Many of us have taken a ?wrong turn?, but somehow we always seem to end up on the right road. At a young age you are at the crossroads that may decide your future life. Robert Frost referred to a road or path when describing a direction someone has taken in life. In this poem there are three literary elements that are used to enhance the poem. They are Imagery, Diction/Connotation, and Persuasion.

Imagery may bring an image to your mind that appeals to the sense of sight, but it can also appeal to the senses of sound, touch, taste, or smell or even to several senses at once. It is especially important in poetry. For example, in line (1) ?Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.?

The yellow wood is a forest during the fall season. It is peaceful and tranquil. Although both roads lead to the unknown, he uses imagery to decide which road to travel. Line (8), ?Because it was grassy and wanted wear.? This shows that most decisions are based solely on what they look like. But as he walks down this road, ?And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black.? Lines(11&12) Due to imagery, he is now having second thoughts on rather he should have taken this road. He is feeling like he is going where no man has gone before. Although imagery cannot be successfully accomplished without diction/connotation.

Diction is the writer or speakers choice of word, but along with the choice of words comes the connotation of words. Three examples of diction and connotion in a word...