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Robert FrostRobert Frost is the most interesting poet of the twentieth century. He traveled around a lot in his early life, and worked at many jobs after his father died. He also wrote lots of poetry, and attended two colleges as a student. In his later life he attended lots of colleges giving lectures. He also met with many interesting poets and writers who recognized his talents. He wrote many books, got many awards, and worked his way up to being the most popular poet he is known for today.

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco California, March 26, 1874.In 1885, when Frost turned eleven years old his father died. Then Frost and his family moved to Lawrence Massachusetts. There he attended his last year as a senior at Lawrence High school. After graduation Frost went to college at Dartmouth, and Harvard University during1897 to1899. But while going there he had to earn a living as a bobbin boy in a wool mill, a shoemaker, a county schoolteacher, the editor of a rural newspaper, and a farmer.

Frost also wrote poetry but he had no success in getting his poetry published. He then married Elinor White in 1895. Continuing to try and get his writing published for the next ten years, as he continued to work as a schoolteacher and farm operator.

Then in 1912, when Frost turned thirty-eight he sold his farm and moved to England. There he devoted his life entirely on his writing. Then other writers started to recognize his skills. He met with many of the authors, one was Rupert Brooke, who inspired him and helped him publish his first two sets of volumes. His poetry's came out in1913and1914. They were called "A Boy's Will'' and ''North Of Boston'', two dramatic monologues.