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Robert Frost

Robert Frost is a great literary writer who incorporated nature as a tool to express human experiences. Through his writing and poems throughout his life, he has inspired writers and has changed the view on how humans view nature and the world around us. Robert Frost style was different from the average poet in that he didn't focus on whether a word rhymed. Frost was more worried about painting a picture for the reader in order to engage them into his writings. Frost's poems at first glance can be taken lightly but if you read more in depth we can see that all of his writing are complex and must be examined before uncovering the true meaning.

Nature is the one thing that remains constant throughout all of Frost's poems. Nature is something I haven't really paid attention to but from Frost's poems I have a newfound respect for nature and the lessons it can teach us.

One thing his poems have revealed to me is how nature continues through good and bad, although it changes through season to season it's always there. This is just like humans life, people experience many changes throughout their life but life still continues through the good or bad.

The poem "Fire and Ice" is what caught my eye out of all the poems. It was short and sweet but the deeper meaning this poem holds is immaculate. In this poem Frost is trying to decipher the way in which the world will end. He offers two solutions fire and ice, which are two elements that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Through many of his works Frost discusses the existence of life and the human response to life and nature. So...