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Children all over the world love Robert Munsch story books. His work is found in school libraries, public libraries, and in all book stores. Telling stories is what Robert Munsch does -- and loves best. From the first time he stood in front of a group of children as a student teacher at a nursery school in 1972, his animated presentation grabbed hold of the imaginations of his listeners and he's been telling stories ever since.

Who is Robert Munch?

Robert Norman Munsch was born on June 11, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the fourth of nine children. The first story Robert made up was called Mortimer. The first story that became a published book was Mud

Puddle. Robert Munsch never studied how to write. Robert's philosophy is practice makes perfect. Robert Munsch has been influenced mostly by the children in his audience. He started out writing children's books as a hobby.

It quickly became a full-time career. This is mostly due to Munsch's interactive approach. He travels to schools, daycares and hospitals "anywhere" to read his books to the children he writes for.

Roberts Childhood

Robert Munch describes his childhood in this manner, "I wasn't just unhappy. I was globally unhappy. I remember when I was about 10 standing in front of a mirror and telling myself, 'I want to remember I'm not happy. Grown-ups all want to tell me I'm happy because I'm a kid. But I want to remember I'M NOT HAPPY'"(Munsch, 2002)

Why he was so miserable was a little more difficult to understand for many people including him to understand. He found out later he was manic-depressive with the accent on depressive. He didn't have the ability to enjoy life the way others did, because he was always in the mood of depression.