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There are many different types of rock music. There is probably a style of rock out there for everyone. Because of its many styles it is able to get airplay on many different stations. Rock music around the world is considered to be American music. That is because rock and roll has played a part in American history. The types of rock music include rap-rock, heavy metal, and alternative.

Rap-Rock is one of the most diverse versions of rock around. It combines a hip-hop with rock when both are considered to be complete opposites. It is basically rock music but with lyrics that rhyme and are cleverly put together like in hip-hop. It is a popular form of rock because it appeals to fans of both hip-hop and rock.

When people think of rock and roll they often think of heavy metal. They imagine the people in black leather with piercing and tattoos all over their body.

Heavy metal gets very little air play on radio stations there is an average of only one radio station per listening air. Fans often depend on word of mouth, the internet, and attending clubs to find out about new bands and songs.

Alternative rock is considered to be popular music. It does not have as many loyal fans as hard rock but does get as much radio play as rap rock. Alternative rock is soft-core in comparison to heavy metal and rap rock. It does contain cursing but the topics of songs usually deal with life and love. It is not loud and the lead singer is not usually screaming into the microphone.

Rock music has many more sub categorize than the ones listed here. It is important to be open to the many types of music around you.