Rogerian Counter Argument

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Even though the government has the right to ask or rather order someone into the army does not mean they have to necessarily go. Everyone knows this country for its freedom in everything. Freedom of speech, press, religion and the right of people to peaceably assemble. That only seems that way when heard though. If that were true about our freedom why can't we make the choice of whether or no we want to be drafted? Isn't that in a sense a part of our freedom, one should not be forced into war, it should be a choice based on one's beliefs.

In "Againt the System," James Taylor Rowland refused to get drafted into the military in Vietnam. "James Taylor Rowland was one of many thousands of men who confronted being drafted to serve in the Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s."(Rowland 264). Rowland's reasons for refusal of draft were mortal and political.

Politically because drafting creates imperialism, but should not because one should not feel as if they are being controlled, when what id truly is happening is the procedure of drafting. Why should one have to servce time in jail because they resisted to the draft? The next step after refusal of filling out papers or just ignoring everything is just to wait for the government to arrest and sentence jail tome or punishment for not wanting to join the army. "The judge said that Rob was in open rebellion with the government, and then sentence him to less that two years would be a disservice to all "boys" who are giving up two ears of their life to the army."(Rowland 265). refusing the draft also has its consequences. The possibility of not attending school or getting a job due to having draft resister on record.