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The United States Constitution has been governing our way of life for over 200 years. Throughout its time, it has been viewed in many ways to make our lives easier. It has been the legal structure of our political system, establishing governmental bodies, determining how their members are selected, and prescribing the rules by which they make their decisions. From the start, the United States has established a policy of being a free land, one in which the inhabitants can say what they want, do what they want and feel what they want. The founding fathers realized this was the primary basis for people coming to this country. People in this country were free and that freedom continues today.

Today, we are still free to feel, act, say and do whatever we want within some defined parameters. Some of those limits are set before us with the following questions: What is private? What is right? What if you offend someone? Today, US citizens are free, but where are the lines drawn? How do you know if you have crossed that line?

The United States Constitution plays an important role in business regulation through the Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 or the Commerce Clause.

This clause give the Congress the sole authority to manage commerce between the states, with foreign countries and tribes (Fallon Richard H & Fallon, Richard H, JR 2004) It has been held by the courts that each of these three areas constitute a separate power granted to the Congress.

The US Constitution Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1 provides regulation of Business enterprises, rates, charges, and conditions of service (Beard CA, 2004)

One example where the Court upheld the fixing of prices of milk upheld the power of the New...