The roles that religion played on the early society of north america.

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The Roles of Religion in the American Society

Religion played a key role in the establishment of the United States. Religion was one of the main reasons of creating a country where a person could be free to choose what a person believes in. The freedom to choose a persons own religion is the reason every American is living in the United States. The American Government was based around religion in the beginning of it time to present.

America was formed through thirteen Protestant British Colonies. The reasoning behind the protestant colonies started in England with King George III. King George made the Church of England catholic witch did not settle well with many English people. Martin Luther who wrote about 98 things that he though was wrong with Church of England. Luther tacked his 98 theses on to the doors of the church and started a branch of Christianity called Lutheranism or Protestantism.

After the Protestant branch was formed to get away from the king's rule on the church, people chose to leave England and move to the British Colonies in the New World.

The religious punishments that drove settlers from Europe to the British North American colonies sprang from the conviction held by Protestants and Catholics alike, that one and only one religion must exist in any given society. This conviction rested on the belief that there was one true religion and that it was the duty of the authorities to make it the interest of saving the souls of all people. Nonconformists could expect no mercy and might be executed as heretics. In some areas, Catholics persecuted Protestants, in others, Protestants persecuted Catholics. Although England renounced religious persecution in 1689, it persisted on the European continent.

Puritans were English Protestants who wished to reform and purify...