The Roles of the Teachers, Students and Environment That Lead towards Genuine Learning

Essay by muhammadamleh February 2014

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Mohammed Al-Amleh


"The Roles of the Teachers, Students and Environment

That Lead towards Genuine Learning"

Dr. Rana Surakhy

August 24, 2013

I have been reading various articles about how to achieve what is called "Genuine Learning" which is the main goal of the educational process or pedagogy. Through the -somewhat- deep reading and analyzing the goals and aspects that will ultimately lead to this term (genuine learning), I noticed several ideas, factors, theories, elements and views that intercrossed to share altogether in order to support and reach to the point of deep understanding and deep learning as well. The writers of these articles wrote and explained deeply to convey their ideas about such an aim that we all should seek for- that is genuine learning. They all focused on this idea and shared or participated in providing theories, offering solutions, changes in some strategies, and giving new ideas that will lead to our goal. For me and as a reader to these works, I totally agree with them about their concerns towards these very crucial points of view that will make the great shift and change in our pedagogical regimes. All the aspects and the views that they discussed are fruitful and beneficial ones and they altogether would in the end make a great success in this field of life which is education produces deep learning and understanding -that if these views and theories came into real life and backgrounds. However, some of the things that affect the process of learning are already available and the writers of these articles talked about them and their crucial roles in such a process - they are the teachers, learners and environment. Although these factors are really -not theoretically as the rest of some aspects and views- involved in this process, they...