The Romanesque Style in architecture and sculpture

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Chartres Cathedral

The Romanesque Style in architecture and sculpture.


The Five books of the Histories.

This chapter is about the life and works of Rodulfus Glaber, whose works and life was greatly influenced by the kings of France and Germany, and also by the Capetian dynasty, where he lived for a while after the election of Hugh Capet. Glaber was regarded as one great man of politics, with the writings of his diaries becoming keyhole views of the world as it was back in his time and in his life. However, Glaber was most known for his account of living in Cluny, the very center of the monastic revival that took place in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Glaber provided a distinct view for that time. Glaber was involved in not only the monastaries, but also in the theological aspects of his time. He referred to himself as a cultured man, and remiaind that way in his life and in his writing until his untimely death in the early century.

Glaber speaks mainly of the changes that took place within the works, speaking of the different buildings, built in severe resemblance to those of Rome, and also of the migration of those out of Jerusalem and the teachings and passions of Christ that were evident during hs time. Some of these examples even happened to him, where he was writing for the altars and became so sore and ill bodied that he couldn't go on, however in a dream he was lifted to his feet by a man to finish what he started so as his condition wouldn't get worse. Glaber finished his work and was completely healed the next day. Another happening was when Glaber was called to mass, but lazily stayed in bed because...