Romeo And Juliet

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The movie that I will be focusing on for my paper is the tragic play of Romeo and Juliet. Although I am not choosing the Zeffirelli film that we watched in class. Instead I am choosing the Luhrmann film that contains a more modern look at Shakespeare's classic. The scene that I choose out of the movie was right in the beginning. I picked the opening act of the play where the two families have a brawl in the middle of town. The reason that I choose this scene was for the fact that I enjoy watching action scenes, and for my love of automobiles.

The Scene starts out with a type of frame sliding and then all you see is a close-up of a car pulling up with the license plate MON-005. This plate is referring to an acronym of the family name Montague. The movie showed us before that they were members of the Montague family by showing their names in sub-script.

The scene shows them pulling into a gas station called the Phoenix, and driving what appears to be a highly modified yellow Chevy pickup truck. In the vehicle are Benvolio, Sampson, and Gregory, although the movie never says who they are except for Benvolio. In the written play itself it says that those are the people in the opening scene.

Benvolio steps out of the vehicle and says the walks to the bathroom. As he is walking there the camera slides away from him and to a purple car with the license plate CAP-005. This of course making reference to the Capulet family, but the movie has not yet said whom they are. The camera then quickly moves around the car to the passenger door where you see some on step out, but can't quite make...