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Romeo and Juliet essay The story of Romeo and Juliet was of two lovers that were deeply in love. The time was around the mid 1590's, when Italy was divided into seperate urbanizations known as city-states. It took plac in the city-state of Verona, Italy. They were members of two of the largest families in Verona, but two that had a feud that dated back centuries. Despite their love and their marriage, the two lovers took their lives for each other. Reasons for their awkward relationship along with its tragic end were because of the families' feud, emotions and attitudes, and bad luck.

The feud between the families was a big block to Romeo and Juliet's attempt on having a relationship. It forced the two to have to do everything in secret. They would have to send the nurse and use her as a messenger, to communicate. They also had to convince Friar Laurence to marry them secretly, so only him and the nurse knew about the marriage.

Not only did they have a feud, but some Capulets disliked Romeo specifically. In scene five of act one Tybalt says "This, by his voice, must be a montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy." Another thing that had a great affect on what happened in the story along the way, was all the emotions and attitudes. Mercutio's attitude was usually a bad one, which could have contibuted to his own killing. He was always talking bad to people and taunting people to try to start problems. For example in stage one of act three he offers "but a word and a blow," taunting the Capulets. Romeo's emotions and attitudes also had a big role in the play. The only reason he killed Tybalt is just because he was upset about Mercutio's death and he most likely wasn't thinking straight.

Something that could have affected everything was maybe just pure bad luck. It was probably bad luck that made all the emotions worse. For example with bad timing, Romeo's quick emotions forced him to take the poison sooner. If he would have not been so quick and the coincidental bad timing, perhaps Juliet would have woken up before he had to take the poison. Bad luck could have also affected the consequences. It was pure bad luck that Friar John, the messenger, had to be quarantined because he had been exposed to the plague, causing him to not be able to deliver the message early enough. So instead of Romeo getting the message, he got word from someone else, that Juliet had died. Perhaps it was bad luck too, that Mercutio and Benvolio met with Tybalt and his Capulet friends at the town square, or else Tybalt and Mercutio would be alive and Romeo still living in Verona.

Out of all the problems and things that affected and caused the story to end the tragic way it did, the feud between the families was the greatest and most responsible. It was the main block that originally stopped them, with out it anything could have been possible and so easy. They would be able to have a perfectly normal relationship without making it secret or worrying about people finding out. If they didnt have this problem, its very likely that their love would have never started out so rash, and perhaps a slower but longer lasting relationship. They would be able to have a perfectly happy life and everybody could know about it and they would probably be a famous young couple because of their parents status.