Romeo and Juliet.

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The force of "overwhelming love" seemed to purify and mature Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. They both try to seem as mature as possible to keep their wonderful love. Goals and grieves are two major things to purify and mature somebody.

Unfortunately their love consists of short-term goals and long-term grieves because of their impatience. A person is mature when his/her intelligence is able to rule his/her feelings. They tried to seem mature, but they could not overrule their feelings. Everything began so fast and ended so fast. Their dream was too pure for their wild environment. Even at the last point they decided to get out of that environment and hope for a better one without thinking.

Throughout the play, two families have been fighting each other. They created a very harsh situation for their children to make love. At the end destiny was not quite fair to the saplings of a possible peace.

They arranged their meetings and their wedding so well that there was nothing wrong. Nurse was helping Juliet by taking her to church, keeping her secrets, handling her family and so on; so did Romeo receive help from Friar Lawrence: plans and courage. But at the end perfect plan was destroyed by a small error. Juliet was going to seem like she was dead for forty-two hours by drinking the special medical distilled liquid. Then he would send a message to Romeo who was exiled, and they would get Juliet out of her grave. But the message was not sent, and that night Paris was in the graveyard. Finally life could not bear impatient, inexperienced, young and brave heroes. Hoping to meet in the other world, both Romeo and Juliet committed suicide.

Meanwhile, their love helped both of...