Romeo and Juliet

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Act I Scene I Outline

A fight breaks out in Verona between the servants of two different families, Montagues and Capulets, which are enemies. The fight started due to an 'airy' word a long time ago and they, the families, don't know what they are fighting about. They fight because they hate each other now. Everyone gets involved and finally the Prince arrives and threatens to kill both the families for "disturbing the peace" three times for creating wild, chaotic arguments.

Character Revelation and Relationships

Romeo, the son of the Montagues, is seen as a very depressed, confused, madly in love character who loves someone who doesn't love him back. He is seen under a sycamore tree, a tree symbolic of unhappy lovers, with tears on his face and he also locks himself in his room, shutting out all the light creating a melancholy mood. For Romeo, "sad hours seem long" and he uses oxymorons in his speech revealing that he is a love-sick character.

Tybalt is the nephew to Lady Capulet. He brings up a fight and he hates peace "as he hates hell and the Montagues." He is seen as a very ignorant character who one would not like to be around.

Benvolio is a first cousin to Romeo, and he is trying to hold peace. He notices that something is wrong with Romeo and the fact that he is lovesick. He tries to find out Romeo's problem and tries to help him out through the situation. His advice is to look at other beauties.

Romeo is love-sick because he loves Rosaline, but she doesn't love him back. She rejects Romeo's vows of love. He is unsatisfied with the love causing him to be down and depressed. When Romeo is asked to have a look at other...