Romeo And Juliet Comparitive And Contrasts

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The Comparatives And Contrasts Of Romeo And Juliet The Play And Movie.

This paper will deal with the comparatives and contrasts of Romeo and Juliet, the play and the movie. There are many differences between the play and the movie of Romeo and Juliet.

Though Romeo and Juliet the movie is good, it is still missing many good parts. One part is the scene with Apothecary when Romeo is supposed to buy the poison. This is held from the movie, and this does not let the audience know that Romeo wants to die fast and painless. This also makes one think that Romeo carries fast acting poison in his pocket with him at all time. Another part is the scene when Paris is supposed to be killed by Romeo. In the play one gets the idea Paris really cared about Juliet, but in the movie one does not see the part when he gives his life to try to stop Romeo from going in to the sepulcher.

One will also get from this scene that Romeo does not want to get anymore sins to him before he dies. The two scenes show that there is a difference between the movie and the play of Romeo and Juliet.

The movie shows some of the important scenes with very good accuracy to the play. The fight between Mercutio, and Tybalt then Romeo and Tybalt is very well depicted in the movie. One could think that if the people who made the movie referred to the play quite well in this scene. One also gets a good sense of the feud going on between the families. The movie depicts Romeo's exile with pretty good accuracy. One could believe that after Romeo finds this out he would run as fast and far...