Romeo And Juliet: Friar Laurence, A Negative Father Figure

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Friar Laurence can be considered a murderer to some, yet still a hero to others. But the truth is that Friar Laurence is a terrible father figure to the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, so bad in fact that he eventually becomes responsible for their deaths. If he had children of his own, they might have suffered the same fate as Romeo and Juliet but at an earlier age because of his plans which always end up negatively. It is too bad that a good intent is not justifiable excuse for messing up people and family's lives. If this were true, Friar Laurence would get off guilt-free.

Friar Laurence has somewhat intelligent plans, but they are not thoroughly thought through, therefore they end up causing trouble. For instance when Friar Laurence has Juliet fake her own death, Romeo ends up thinking she's really dead and commits suicide followed by Juliet's own suicide.

Friar Laurence is basically at fault for their deaths because of his plan, which went terribly wrong due to the fact that he did not even sleep on the idea or give it more than a few hours thought. If it had not been for him, Romeo and Juliet just might have figured out some better way in which could once again be together rather than faking their death. Also this same plan caused much grief. The Capulets and Montagues were terribly sad over the loss of a member of their family. It is even worse for the Capulets because they had just lost their dear Tybalt a few days prior and also for the Montagues for their loss of Mercuito. It is obvious to see that the Friar Laurence means good, but still has a negative effect on the world and life around him.

While Friar...