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Tuesday 24 April 1998 Verona Today 3RD Civil BrAWL SANDRA reports"¦ Reporting from the local gas station situated in Fair Verona.

Resident's reporting that the two feuding families had meet for the 3rd time, which had started the {3rd Civil Brawl}.

An argument took place between the two feuding families {Capulets & Montague boys}. The Montague boys wanted peace but Tybalt, The leader of the Capulet boys did not agree drawing his gun out and firing at the Montague Boys. Gunshots were fired left right and centre luckily no civilians were hurt. Benvolio, nephew of father Montague was shot but was lucky to escape the explosion at the gas station. The Montague boys had got away unharmed until a shot was fired by Tybalt which struck one of them in the shoulder.

Benvolio was left behind but was able to run being chased by Tybalt with gunshots being fired at each other on the streets of Verona.

The chase ended with police and helicopters surrounding the two and bringing the brawl to an end.

Both Tybalt and Benvolio were kept in custody with the Sargent giving them there final warning. If this occurred once again there lives will pay the forfeit of the peace.