Roosevelt assassanation attempts

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Theodore Roosevelt was the president of the United states of America from 1904 to 1908. Before that, he was president after president William McKinley was assassinated in September of 1901. He had been the youngest man yet to become president at 42 years old. During his political career, two people had tried to assassinate him.

The first attempt to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt occurred in his very own home, the White House. A man arrived, and asked if he was the president, he seemed very nervous, and a little suspicious. This suspicious behavior then called for the actions from Teddy Roosevelt, who called his security guards. When they came, they found a pistol in his pocket. All of the security guards on duty that night were put on a 30 day suspension. The man was taken to jail the following day.

The second attempt of assignation was almost fatal. In 1912, a man named John Schrank shot the former president while giving a speech as the Bull Moose Party.

But the written part of his speech, (a mere 50 pages long) was in his pocket next to his chest, behind his glasses case. The man shot and aimed well, but the bullet hit his metal glasses case, and the speech. It only gave him a slight surface wound, but he successfully finished his speech, before leaving for the hospital. John Schrank was put in the Northern State Hospital for the insane in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and then later died in 1943.

Despite these assassination attempts, the president died of natural, if not expected, causes. Theodore Roosevelt died on January 6, 1919. The cause of his death was blood clot near the heart. If he had not died, there was a good chance that he would have won the Republican presidential nomination.