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RBC Financial Group

RBC Financial Group (RY on the TSE and NYSE) is one of North America's premier diversified financial services company's. Within Canada it is the leader in most of its businesses. RBC Financial Group is a new master-brand. It was formerly known as The Royal Bank of Canada. They dropped the name "Canada" from their title as a marketing ploy to sound less junior league to the Americans. The move symbolizes the evolution that the organization has undergone in recent years. Expanding beyond its Canadian base into the United States and other international markets. RBC has become an umbrella under which each of the company's five business platforms operate worldwide -- RBC Capital Markets, RBC Global Services, RBC Royal Bank, RBC Insurance and Investments.

In an attempt to continue to grow as a company RBC has completed many mergers and acquisitions, mostly concentrating on the American market. Since April 2000 they have purchased American companies such as Prism Financial Corporation, Centura Banks Inc.,

Liberty Life Insurance Company, and Liberty Insurance Services Corporation. Combined these companies have over 600 offices in over 40 states. RBC has spent over US$5 billion on US acquisitions in little more than a year. Even with these recent expansions RBC continues to seek more investment opportunities around the US, with its focus being on younger companies that have more room for growth.

RBC Financial Group has experienced very good growth over the last ten years. They have done a very good job of increasing the current value of stock for their shareholders. In the last 5 years shareholders have benefited from a 19 percent, compounded annually, total shareholder return; compared to that a 6 percent for the TSE 300. For prospective investors, RBC is a very attractive company to invest in. Like most banks...