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The Russian Reform, which was started by Peter the Great, led to many advantages and disadvantages, which Russia gained. Peter 1 started the reformation after he ascended the throne in 1682, positive to make Russia more powerful. He presented and enforced new reforms to change Russia. One of the reforms was the change of the calendar from the Easter Orthodox calendar to the same one that Western Europe uses which is from the creation of the world. An advantage that came from this decree was better trading and communication with Western Europe. It was easier to set dates and appointments with them for various shipments for trade. But the people of Russia didn't want to change the calendar because it was in accordance with their church. As a result of the order, that was about people had to be nice to each other at the beginning of the New Year, there probably was more peace in the country.

The Decree on Compulsorary Education of the Russian Nobility, in other words means that children between the ages of 10-15 have to have an education in math and some geometry. An effect on the country because of this decree would be that that there would be smarter citizens that could help the country become more powerful, by using the skills they learned and applying it to making new inventions for the military, by making weapons for the military to make it more powerful. Peter the Great also tried and succeeded to making the military more powerful by copying Western Europe's military method, and techniques. When the military became very powerful, Peter the Great made the military have a higher position than the church in government causing opposition from the people and the nobility because they lost their titles to become government officials. The Russian felt that they were losing their tradition and culture, sot they felt alienated, therefore it was harder to have a successful and stronger government when people felt alienate from it. Peter was able to extend the territories for Russia and make it bigger. In conclusion Russia was never able to establish a centralized government even though it became more powerful through the reforms of Peter the Great.