What's the Difference between Male and Female Attitudes to work, social and home life

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The first aim of this report is to show if female's status in the fields of work, home, and social life, has improved compared with ten years ago. Another aim is to describe the different attitudes between men and women towards the change of female's status.

All information about the report was collected via a questionnaire survey of 12 people in one class of Pre-sessional courses in Loughborough University. The questionnaire was divides into work, home, and social life with two questions for each part.

Total: 12 (10 women & 2 men) Y=YES, N=NO

Questions female male


Life 1 Y 90% N 10% Y 50% N 50%

2 a 0% b 20% c 80% a 0% b 100% c 0%


Life 3 a 70% b 20% c 10% a 50% b 50% c 0%

4 Y 90% N 10% Y 100% N 0%

Social Life 5 Y 10% N 90% Y 100% N 0%

6 Y 30% N 70% Y 100% N 0%

Work Life

In Work Life, for question one, 90% of women chose YES and only 10% chose NO.

50% of men chose YES and another half chose NO. For question two, no men or women chose a, 80% of women got c. And all men chose b. That means females think they should gain higher positions in work life even they can't do better than males in some male dominated fields. And males think in those special fields they all do better than females and half of them think females should gain higher positions.

Home Life

In Home Life, lots of women chose a, a little part chose b, and the least ones chose c in question 3. Half of men got a while others got b, no one chose c. In question...