Safe Injection Sites in Canada

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The committee of the Liberal party of Canada has collectively decided to entail a policy promoting a government-subsidized safe injection sites as means of improving individuals' quality of life. Safe injection sites are a strategy to prevent the transmission of hepatitis B and H.I.V. (human immunodeficiency virus), the causative agent of AIDS. These sites will provide drug users with supervised drug injection facilities and thus help reduce the spread of certain diseases caused by syringe-sharing practices. The victims of this horrible addiction will benefit in a way that they will be provided with clean and administered drug injections. Safe injection sites will temporarily help drug abusers achieve a better standard of living by injecting drugs in a safely manner, while at the same time reduce the spread of life-threatening diseases that pose a risk on the entire population.

POLICY DETAILS:Safe injection programs are a good way to maintain drug abusers within supervised drug usage.

Canada has implemented a safe injection site "Insite" in Vancouver, B.C. that has been proven to be an effective method for reducing the spread of HIV while monitoring drug injection activities. This site is monitored by Vancouver Coastal Health and is the first legal site in North America. "Since opening its doors in 2003, Insite has been a safe, health-focused place where people can go to inject drugs and connect to health care services - from primary care to treat disease and infection, to addiction counseling and treatment. Insite is an integral part of Vancouver Coastal Health's continuum of care for people with addiction, mental illness and HIV/AIDS in the Vancouver community" (VCH). Safe injection sites help those individuals that are hooked into drugs monitor their activities while trying to find a solution for their problem.

Providing drug users with facilities where they can easily access...