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Janay Crozier October 22, 2014

Senior Seminar

La Salle University Information

There are multiple interesting, captivating and promising universities and colleges in the state of Pennsylvania and even many that are out of state. Out of all the universities I could have chosen to explore, I decided to learn a decent amount of information about La Salle University. An in state university, La Salle is highly affordable and offers financial aid to a majority of its students who are in need. It even has expectations for future students that are definitely able to be completed. Not only did I realize that these are very important to me when choosing a school but I noticed that organizations and activities are too. La Salle University is reasonably priced for in state students, has obtainable requirements and focuses on activities that reflect the interests of its students.

La Salle University is a cooperative, generous and private institution that is located on Olney Avenue, a northwestern section, in Philadelphia.

Since it has a high acceptance rate of seventy three percent, it constantly has to support students who are struggling with financial problems. The total cost is actually $19,600 for full time tuition per semester which includes all programs that you participate in. Even if this cost is out of range for people, there are many other ways that they can get assista0nce. This university allows grants that will cover specific fees for tuition, room and board and even allows scholarships to help with costs. If accepted after a successful interview, certain programs like the ADP, Academic Discovery Program, will likely pay up to 92% of your costs. Institutions, like this one, are affordable so a student can successfully continue their education without worrying about expensive dues.

Universities or colleges can be very demanding...