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6 Foot 3 "Six foot six," or at least that is what everyone said as a kind of nickname. His actual name was Sam Houston. Sam's true height was really 6 foot 3 but that didn't matter because Sam was as friendly, brave, and popular as an 8 foot man.

Co-lon-neh, or 'The Raven' in English, was Sam's Indian name given to him by his adopted Indian father Oo-loo-te-ka, chief of the Cherokees. Since Sam had strong Indian ties he was able to help stop the Indians from rebelling against the states and thus saved many peoples lives. This also helped him to become better known which helped begin his career.

A duel? Back in the 1800's duels were a very common way to settle disagreements. When Sam Houston was challenged to a duel, of course there would be no way he would back down, but his challenger did.

His challenger then, after backing down, appointed a second to take his place. Again Sam didn't back down and the duel went on as scheduled. Proving that he wasn't a coward and wining the duel boosted Sam Houston's popularity, leading him into a political career.

Wanting to be like his father Sam enlisted in the army. He was under the direction of General Andrew Jackson. Since Sam showed great bravery on the battlefield, he and Jackson became life long friends. This was extremely helpful in Sam's newfound political status.

Sam was not only an important politician; he helped fight many battles including the Alamo. Sam Houston helped save the state of Texas and was its first governor. As a token of gratitude a city stands in his name, Houston Texas. Sam was an important man in our American History.