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TITLE: Can You See What I Am Seeing

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: Pre-K through twelfth / Language Arts

OVERVIEW: Students will take turns verbally describing to their classmates a simple abstract drawing. The classmates are expected to reproduce the drawing as closely to the original as possible.

PURPOSE/GOALS: Students will understand the necessity of effective communication. Students will see the need for multiple methods of presenting the same information and how different people understand things different ways.

OBJECTIVES: Students will use a variety of descriptive terms to "explain" an abstract drawing to their peers. Those drawing will be expected to ask pertinent, clarifying questions.





ACTIVITY: The teacher should have several pre-designed abstract drawings using basic shapes. These can be designed on the computer or by hand. One student should be selected to go to the front of the class. They should take one of the designs and try to explain to the class how it should be drawn.

Each class member should have a paper and pencil in front of them. They should follow directions as carefully as possible to reproduce the drawing as described by the presenter. Students will soon learn that they will need to ask clarifying questions such as "where on the paper", "how big", etc. The presenter cannot use any visuals to assist in his/her description. Students will soon learn how difficult it is to communicate and how necessary it is to find multiple ways to explain things.

METHOD OF LEARNING: This is a cooperative lesson. One individual is in charge of explaining a drawing but the audience is expected to ask questions for clarification.

ASSESMENT: Each student will journal about his/her experience in the role as the "explainer" and as the "drawer". They should compare and contrast each role, discuss...