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Assignment 3 - Skills

The authentic material I have chosen is a page from the car classifieds from the 'The Week' newspaper (see Appendix 1).The task I have designed is aimed at students at pre-intermediate level.

Before giving out the task, students need to be taught some vocabulary so that they can understand the reading. A pre-task could be given for students to match words to pictures of car parts. For example, manual transmission, power steering etc. This pre-task also sets the context of what the topic of the class will be.


You want to buy a second hand car. You have OR 2000.

Working in pairs, make notes of what sort of car you are looking for.

For example, its make, model, age, auto/manual transmission, how many seats? Will you buy a car for around OR 2000 or will you get a loan to get a more expensive car? Briefly explain why you want this car.

Working with a different partner, tell your partner what sort of car sort of car you are looking for and why.

Look at the 'The Week' classifieds (Appendix 1). Scan through to see if any of the cars suit what you are looking for. If there is one, circle it. You can circle more than one car. If there isn't any cars in the classifieds that match what you are looking for, scan through it again and pick one or two cars that are close to what you are looking for. You have to pick at least one car.

You are going to call up the owner of the car to get more information. Write down the things you want to ask him.

Working in pairs, role play calling up the owner.

Follow on task.

Write an advertisement for the classifieds stating...