San Antonio de Bexar

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Many cities in Texas have a rich and profound history that help scholars understand the way of life of the early settlers from this area and the way their social life went on in their everyday life. One of these cities in the east part of Texas that has a rich and unique history is San Antonio de Bexar. This city has a rich history and is one of the first colonies to grow into one of the biggest cities in the United States today, San Antonio, Texas.

Geographically, San Antonio de Bexar was isolated. There was no economic drive to populate San Antonio de Bexar. Its purpose was to protect the more valuable interior lands of New Spain from Europeans and Indians. However, San Antonio de Bexar grew into a great colony and it gained attention of many people including the Royal Crown back in Spain.

The shaping and the cultural agenda of early San Antonio de Bexar were developed by many people and many individuals.

Rancheros, Isleños, Norteños, Spaniard and many others contributed to the social culture of San Antonio de Bexar. As in many colonies in New Spain, Indians definitively had a great impact on the colonies in many different ways. In San Antonio de Bexar, the Indians that were present were the Comanches and the Apaches. The Apaches were the original inhabitants of the southern plains and lived basically with both planting and hunting. They grew crops in the spring and hunted buffalo in the fall and winter. The settlers from San Antonio de Bexar had continuous fights with the Apaches due to the fact that they took over their land and because in the early 1700s San Antonio de Bexar colonists befriended with Apache enemies and aided them in raids against Apaches.