San Fransisco - developed into a thriving American city. Speaks of the economical and cultural development

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After the gold rush of '49 San Francisco was California. With the mass of unexpected settlers pouring into the mysterious gold pot, California. San Francisco offered everything they needed for a great city. It had perfect weather (rarely rising above 80ºF or dropping below 30ºF) It's beautiful bay was an impressive monument to this great territory and an incredible tool for trading. Soon it housed great artists, painters, writers, architects, you name it. This city, 'The City' snapped California from an undeveloped portion of Mexico into a thriving American city.

In 1848 gold was found in (now) Sacramento. By 1849 word was out and every one with a need for money and a sense of adventure was on the move to California to get rich. With all the people in this un-industrial area, the need for food and supplies was urgent. San Francisco soon became a city providing these supplies to the miners.

In 1849 the towns population was about 25,000; this was a huge jump from the 1848 population of 800. By 1850 it was officially a city.

Although not all were successful in mining, those who were took their riches to San Francisco Mansions started springing out of these empty hills. Many factories rose to fulfill the need for mining tools. Merchants selling food, clothes etc. were in a gold mine of their own.

'In the town itself the few merchants who had remained behind were doing a land-office business ... goods ...brought whatever they chose to ask, and to replenish their depleted stocks they paid comparable prices for merchandise arriving on incoming ships.' 1 Prices were jacked on food the most, Eggs were selling for a dollar each and potatoes and onions were selling for a $1.50 a pound.

Just buying property and selling it less than...