Saving Private Ryan.

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Saving Private Ryan - Historical Review

The 1998 Hollywood film Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg, may be a fictional film, however the events therein and storyline are based on actual historical events. Historical events are evident from the onset of the movie. The movie begins with the portrayal of the June 6, 1944 Omaha Beach invasion by American Forces. It is at this early stage in the movie that the realism and horrors of war are depicted in the most gruesome way. The audience has their first taste at what real combat is like. Another historical event illustrated in the movie is the rescue of Private Ryan. While the characters and the story of Private Ryan that the movie follows may not be accurate, it is based on the authentic story of Fritz Niland, who was serving with the 101st Airborne Division during that time. Finally, the entire movie is set in a historic time with events such as World War II that actually happened.

This movie was made to honor the many men that paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom. "This is for them..." Spielberg often told the cast and crew. The film was officially dedicated to the Veterans of World War II upon release in 1998. The movie Saving Private Ryan, by director Steven Spielberg is full of historical events and replications. From specific dates and events to the general feeling of the people at the time, the movie is a feasible representation of our History.

The movie starts off on June 6th 1944, when as part of the D-Day invasion, American led Forces landed at Omaha Beach where one of the most monstrous battles in history took place. Tom Hanks, one of the stars of the movie, said "regardless of what the words...