The scarlet letter.

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The scarlet letter is about a women who suffecated so much in her life just by sleeping or having sex with someone who she love. but he didnt help her out when she need one.then she got a baby girl named perl but she was evil wasent good like her mom.

her husband came back who was very old and want to kill who she has sex with but then later on he find out who was that guy and he couldent do any thing perl grew up they lived alone and every one thought that they are bad and evil she sleept with someone whey she had a husbad but she thaught he was dead because she didnt see him for two years .

well this is shor cut of a story and how where when she meet him and the lover what happend in her life you have to find out by reading the book "the scarlet letter"

and u know what happed more well she was jsut having sex whith more people and when her daughter grew up she had with her yep thats right sex u know that and yuo read it very carefully and that what s ahppen

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