The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne- written in point of veiw of Hester Prynn

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The Scarlet Letter

What have I done to end up in this dark and musty cage? My life is ruined for giving in to desires of passion and love. How could anyone force someone to live in this lifestyle? This scarlet letter A lets the entire town know what I have done. My life has changed because of this one letter. It allows the world to know about my sin of bearing a child out of wedlock. The A ostracizes me from the rest of the community. The entire town looks down on me and I am the subject of their gossip. It brings me pain to think that my daughter will one day experience this because of me. The birth of this small, loving, and innocent child is the cause for all of my pain and suffering, yet she is my only reason for living and keeps me sane.

My daughter does not know me without the letter attached to my bosom. Even though she is quite young, she knows it means something important... I have nothing to do in here but think about my life and wonder if my daughter and I will ever have a normal life.